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Echo of Sight - Chapter 1
Do people go through life on a predetermined path, like a straight line?
I often wondered that during the summer of my junior year of high school. I lived a straight line, it seemed like, and it was routine to me. I’d do the things normal people would at my age: hang out at the mall with friends, play video games, watch movies, that sort of thing. It wasn’t hard to admit to myself that things were pretty boring, but that was my life.
I had nothing to complain about.
I grew up under the eyes of two hawks, my parents, who always made me wear glasses and protective lenses wherever I went. They always told me it was to protect my right eye, the “good eye”, since I was blind in my left.
I was on a trip to the mall with my dad when I finally understood what he meant by protecting my good eye. We went for a normal check up with the optometrist to update my prescription lenses and everything was fine until we left for the food court.
I looked around to see if my new len
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Day of the Living Ghost
You devour from the hand that feeds you
Everything that gives you self affirmation, self validation.
You stare at the world through ignorant eyes,
Unwilling to notice the things you have created,
The things you have burned to ashes.
What you fail to realize
Is that you created me.
The blood on your hands.
My blood!
The tears that well in the corners of your eyes.
My tears!
But what am I?
I am the figment of your imagination.
The thought that lingers,
That you've ignored
No matter how loud I scream,
You will never hear me.
No matter how much I follow your shadow,
You will never see me.
I am the thing that haunts you at night.
I am what nightmares cannot instill when you wake.
I am all that you've vilified, all that you hate.
Until I am SEEN.
Until I am HEARD.
Don't you understand?
This is my validation.
This is my reprise.
You see, I'm not coming for you.
I'm already here.
Mark the day,
The day of the living ghost.
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I See You (Creepypasta)
"I see you." - Johnny Elsewhere
Jack had always been a believer of the supernatural, phenomenons, things of that  nature. In many ways he was the more eclectic, more imaginitive one of his friends and family. Life-forms on distant planets, UFOs, telekinesis; those kinds of things he thought to be as real as everything else in his life. Even though there were no signs of any of it being remotely true, he still talked about them as if they were. He was of that sort.
When he was eight, Jack was introduced to the very thing that would spark his interest in the unknown and unrealistic. Ghosts. One night at his grandparent's house for their weekly parties, he overheard a few relatives speaking of a ghost they had seen walking on the stairs that connected the kitchen to the garage. Jack beamed and rushed to the kitchen table where an aunt, uncle, and older cousin were seated. He didn't say anything, but couldn't hide his smile.
"I saw it too, mom," his older cousin said. "When I was goin
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Fragment of Power
"Fragment of Power"
I'm .. not much of a people person. I learned of this when I was only in elementary school. I felt that I didn't relate to a lot of the kids that littered the class rooms, playgrounds. I felt that I was .. above them, somehow. Not that I'm being condescending, or anything like that.
I was smart. Really smart. I started reading first and second grade books by the time I was four and a half. I skipped my first year of elementary school. Of course, I got bullied by the older kids. I secluded myself in the class room most of the time during recess. At first, I would sit at my desk, staring at the blackboard.
Then, my teacher gave me a book. Not one filled with words. It was completely empty.
"Write." Was the only word that came from her. I took out a pencil, and started writing. That's where I found what greatness could be acheived by using one's imagination.
I would create characters; those of which I considered to be my real friends. They understood me because I told
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Peter Barnes - Chapter Four
Chapter Four
It was the following morning after Peter's scuffle with Jimmy, and took it upon himself to wake up earlier than usual to go to Winry's house to inquire about the Neverstar that his grandmother talked so fondly of the other night. Lucky for him, they lived right next to each other. It was more than convenient for the teenager since without Winry to escort him to school, he probably wouldn't have gone at all.
Peter crept down the hallway and saw that Abigail had already gone out for her morning walk. It was an hour earlier than the usual time he woke up, so they would both enter and leave the house simultaneously as Peter went off to school. He grabbed his keys off of the kitchen counter and exited through the door that led to the side yarn. The Hawke residence had a yarn on the same side, so it was simple to get Winry's attention through her kitchen window. However, Misses Hawk was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Peter peered over to the front of the house and saw that
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Peter Barnes - Chapter Three
Chapter Three
The Land of Never was a place unlike any other. The stories that depicted its beauty and mystery were just that, stories. Unless you could find a resident of the fabled land, all wording would be considered an inept description. However, that beauty was tainted upon the arrival of Captain Claudius Claw. He appeared as the last of the pirates started to question their moral code of being one. When the thought crossed that pirate's mind, it was then that Claw appeared and struck them down with his staff. Claw did not take pity on those that questioned their fate in the Land of Never. They were there to bring misfortune, take the land, and instill their will amongst the population. He would not tolerate such a lack of faith in occupation.
It was true that Claw was the most feared of the pirates preceding him. Those pirates often turned a new leaf and became part of the land to uphold the peace, but would be hunted and killed by Claw for their treasons. His shipmates never da
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Peter Barnes - Chapter Two
Chapter Two
Abigail Barnes had a reputation for being the nicest grandmother anyone that Peter knew. She never scolded a child and never found a reason to enforce rules within the household. Some saw her as the ideal grandparent. Then again, most grandparents spoiled their grandchildren to no end. Peter was no exception. Whenever one of Peter's friends came to visit, she always had another story to tell that exceeded the length of the one she told on their prior visit. Peter loved his grandmother, but thought that she overdid things most of the time.
When she came to pick him up the day he got into the fight with Jimmy at Rosewood High, he assumed he would be lectured to death. However, that wasn't the case. When she arrived at the nurse's office, there was no look of scorn, disappointment, or concern on her face. In fact, she was smiling from ear to ear. It puzzled Miss Perkins.
"Well, at least nothing is broken! From the way that Mister Hicks explained, it sounded like you two were a
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Peter Barnes - Chapter One
Chapter One
The boy ran with a smile on his face. He had just humiliated one of the most feared bullies on school grounds, saving one of his friends from a serious beat-down. The scrawny boy looked behind his shoulder as he ran, the smile on his face widening when he saw that the bloated bully and his entourage were slipping away from him. It was a piece of cake. He was quick on his feet, but not so much in the thinking department.
The high school was smaller than most in the valley. It looked more like a private school. The hallways inside the building were barely large enough to allow safe passage for the students in between classes. The boy burst through the double doors that led inside from the outside lunch area. He surveyed his surroundings, almost in a panic as he tried to devise an escape route. He made a wrong turn, leading himself to a corridor or classrooms with a dead-end. Bad move. The huffing beast of a teenager behind him closed in with his entourage. He was still clutch
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Johnny Elsewhere
United States
I'm a Pixel Lover.

I make things out of Perler Beads .. Well, anything I can get my hands on!

I love video games.
I love comics.
I love movies.
I love photography.

I'm a lover of everything, pretty much.

I'm opening a store pretty soon! Be sure to check it out of you checked out my dA page! I'd appreciate it very much!

Current Residence: La Quinta, CA
Print preference: Whatever works!
Favourite genre of music: I'm into hawaiian and reggae right now.
Favourite photographer: Kevin Ramos
Favourite style of art: Pixel Art!
Operating System: OS X
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog.
So .. Though many of you thought I was dead, or possibly disappeared off the face of the planet to never return again. HERE I AM TO SAVE THE DAY.

No, just kidding.

Here is the full story of what has happened over the last year:

October 2011, I was in a rut and had no clue where I was going with my life, so I decided to get a job at an art store (Michael's Arts and Crafts). So I finally got the job, and was working happily to get my own place, and start living my life the way I wanted to. I felt so great about myself. However, only after a month of working there, I started to have eye troubles.

Now, some personal info no one really knows about me over the internet. I'm blind in one eye. My left eye has been without vision since I was born. It's an inherited trait from my mother. We always believed that my right eye would be the 'good,' eye for the rest of my life.

In November of last year, I went to the Retina Institute of California. What we all feared the most had happened. I was starting to lose my vision in my right eye that would require-- in a worst case scenario,-- surgery. Unfortunately, my vision started to get worse and worse as the month went on.

We discovered through weeks of tests and observation that my retina was detaching. If we didn't schedule surgery soon, I was going to go blind.

So the surgery happened.

Up until this time, I've been recovering at home, with my thoughts, with my dreams, with things that I couldn't imagine myself doing for the rest of my life.

I can't drive. I have a car, but I can't drive. My vision is still weak, but I'm able to see things with a lot of magnification. Hence the reason why I can type and see what I'm doing on a lap top.

Up until recently I always wanted to get back into drawing, but had no confidence in my abilities because I could barely see anything clearly.

There is still spots in my vision that I don't know will ever go away. My peripheral vision is almost non existent..

But here I am.

I decided what I want to do with my life, and that's draw. Draw everything, anything, and draw 'till my hands can't draw anymore.

If there's anything that I learned from this hellish experience .. it's this:

Life will NEVER wait for you. As much as you want it to. You will ALWAYS be running uphill and fighting for what you believe in, what you dream for, and what you hope for.

I've been depressed for so long, but with a drawing tool in hand .. I feel like I can do anything. And I WILL do everything I can to make my dreams come true.

I'm back, guys. I'm back for good.
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