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So .. Though many of you thought I was dead, or possibly disappeared off the face of the planet to never return again. HERE I AM TO SAVE THE DAY.

No, just kidding.

Here is the full story of what has happened over the last year:

October 2011, I was in a rut and had no clue where I was going with my life, so I decided to get a job at an art store (Michael's Arts and Crafts). So I finally got the job, and was working happily to get my own place, and start living my life the way I wanted to. I felt so great about myself. However, only after a month of working there, I started to have eye troubles.

Now, some personal info no one really knows about me over the internet. I'm blind in one eye. My left eye has been without vision since I was born. It's an inherited trait from my mother. We always believed that my right eye would be the 'good,' eye for the rest of my life.

In November of last year, I went to the Retina Institute of California. What we all feared the most had happened. I was starting to lose my vision in my right eye that would require-- in a worst case scenario,-- surgery. Unfortunately, my vision started to get worse and worse as the month went on.

We discovered through weeks of tests and observation that my retina was detaching. If we didn't schedule surgery soon, I was going to go blind.

So the surgery happened.

Up until this time, I've been recovering at home, with my thoughts, with my dreams, with things that I couldn't imagine myself doing for the rest of my life.

I can't drive. I have a car, but I can't drive. My vision is still weak, but I'm able to see things with a lot of magnification. Hence the reason why I can type and see what I'm doing on a lap top.

Up until recently I always wanted to get back into drawing, but had no confidence in my abilities because I could barely see anything clearly.

There is still spots in my vision that I don't know will ever go away. My peripheral vision is almost non existent..

But here I am.

I decided what I want to do with my life, and that's draw. Draw everything, anything, and draw 'till my hands can't draw anymore.

If there's anything that I learned from this hellish experience .. it's this:

Life will NEVER wait for you. As much as you want it to. You will ALWAYS be running uphill and fighting for what you believe in, what you dream for, and what you hope for.

I've been depressed for so long, but with a drawing tool in hand .. I feel like I can do anything. And I WILL do everything I can to make my dreams come true.

I'm back, guys. I'm back for good.
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DRMoore Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012   Traditional Artist
Welcome back, friend. Sorry to hear about such troubling news, but rest assured as I keep telling myself for things I want to accomplish, 2012 is going to be a great year. I also say that for everyone's sake, not just my own. It will be a year of triumph and success on all fronts.
Rhydol Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I'm sorry to hear about your eye but I'm glad that you're not letting it slow you down.
I hope you recover, man.
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